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15-16 July Symposium Registration

15-16 July Symposium Registration

Brining Roma Media workers and experts in one pace discussing current wave of anti-Roma sentiment in Europe, getting organized for stronger Roma voice in the media by strengthening networking ties and merging possibilities for a joint aim: professional and truthful projection of Roma in the mainstream and in the Roma media in Turkey and Europe!

Topics to be covered: Strengthening Roma’s Voice via Roma Community Radio, Follow-up of previous workshops, the emergency of political support to Roma and mainstream media in combating Anti-Roma sentiment, Professional reporting on Anti-Roma sentiment in Europe by both mainstream and Romani media, The role and power of Social Media to influence narratives

Workshop: How to use new media technologies for networking among Roma media in Europe and Turkey

Practical placement: Networking for stronger Roma Media Voice

 Dear readers,

If you are interested to participate at the Roma Media Conference to take place in Mersin, Turkey on 15-16 July 2019, please follow the link – https://forms.gle/eSkBEaU8VHGWfgqh6 to register.

We will be very happy to welcome you!

Please be informed that there are very limited places for participants who will be fully supported by both Travel and Accommodation expenses.  There are more places for participants who will be covered only with accommodation and food expenses.

Participants who would like to attend on their own expenses are warmly encouraged to register.

All interested participants will be informed two days after the deadline for registration.

We are looking forward to a fruitful discussions and follow-up actions.

Best Regards,



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